Be Excellent to Each Other

Much like Socrates, we love San Dimas. We also love hair metal, grunge, and 80s Day, where we once met Johnny Lawrence.

In our spare time, we discuss Van Halen album covers, the Wyld Stallyns logo, how to start your own music blog, WAAF, and craft beer breweries.

Oh, and hair metal books.

Sincerely, Pants and Fizz



  1. Alex Winter shares who created the Wyld Stallyns Logo
  2. Create your own album, concert, band, genre, or music video review blog
  3. Goodbye, Winamp. Goodbye.
  4. WAAF Boston, 107.3 FM - Untamed real rock of the 80s (hair metal), 90s (grunge/alternative), and beyond.
  5. All of the Van Halen Album Covers, plus the Van Halen Logo, the band, and their cover art
  6. New Hampshire Breweries - Lakes Region Craft Beer
  7. Hair Metal - The Immortal 80s (Guitar) God of the Sunset Strip that Seattle Grunge bands drowned in Aquanet!
  8. Behind the Dojo - The real story of how Johnny Lawrence reopened Cobra Kai in 2018!
  9. 80s Day - Loon Mountain throws the Best Apr├Ęs-Ski Party slope-side next to the Bunyan Room.