Hair Metal: The Immortal 80s (Guitar) God of the Sunset Strip that Seattle Grunge bands drowned in Aquanet!

Leaving a trail of (stripper) glitter from The Rainbow to the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, hair metal left an indelible mark on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, and, the rest of the United States of America (and the world for that matter). 80s hair metal bands ruled the musical roost for the better part of the 1980s and even into the early 1990s, churning out everything from bluesy, sleaze rock club drinking/drugging anthems, to arena shaking pop metal power ballads.

No band did the former like Guns’n’Roses (Mr. Brownstone). No band did the latter like Whitesnake (Here I Go Again), though Poison (Every Rose Has Its Thorn) and Mötley Crüe (Home Sweet Home) gave Whitesnake a run for its money.

80’s hair metal beginnings

The early 80s featured a mix of new hair bands on the scene, Mötley Crüe (1981), Bon Jovi (1983), bands evolving their sound, Def Leppard (1977), Whitesnake (1978), and bands evolving their members, Ratt (1976), and Dokken (1979). Beyond that, there were glam bands that zagged away from hair metal instead of zigging into it, like Pantera (1981), and even Skid Row on their second album, Slave to the Grind (1991) - both getting heavier.

But at that point, times were changing.

Glam rock roots

While many boast that Hair Metal takes its roots from 1970s glam rock, I think that’s just plain overselling it. It was more of a natural evolution of rock, starting with Led Zeppelin.

Kids wanted to be Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. They were like Joe Satriani, who upon hearing that Jimi Hendrix died, walked off the football field, got himself an electric guitar, and began surfing with the alien.

They saw Kiss in all their glory: face paint, leather, spitting blood, breathing fire, with a bass that looked like a real axe, and a New Hampshire fireworks store’s worth of pyro lit at the concert, and thought, “That! That is going to get me laid!”

They saw Steven Tyler strutting around in black fish nets and a white négligée and thought, “That! That is going to get me laid!?”

As the late Charlie Murphy said, “You know where you got that shirt from - and it damn sure wasn’t the men’s department.”

Flair and flamboyance works every time.

The pop metal evolution and the rock brigade

Hair metal had its fuel in classic and glam rock, all it needed was a spark to ignite. It got it with the late 1970s debut of Van Halen. You could say things … erupted.

A graduate of Glam Hair University, Diamond Dave was a male hair template of what a pop metal frontman should be. 80s hair metal rock singers now had the perfect triangle of influencers … the screechy vocals like Plant, the androgynous dress of Steven Tyler, and the dazzling stage moves of DLR.

Then there was Eddie Van Halen. Guitar god. Lord of the fretboard. Master of six string ceremonies. EVH turned the rock world (and the sunset strip) upside down with face melting solos and two-hand tapping. After Van Halen debuted, EVERY person on the planet wanted to learn how to solo on guitar.

Literally everyone. Dogs too.

Across the pond, bands like Def Leppard were earning a name for themselves by slowly moving their version of heavy metal music into the mainstream. A more melodic metal album, 1983’s Pyromania vaulted the band up the Billboard charts and into households across the U.S.

The stage was set. Sex-driven, spandex wearing, and coke fueled guitar heroism was on the rise. Hair metal had come alive.

What is hair metal?

Hair metal, or glam metal as some would have it, is heavy metal lite. And, we can all thank Lester Bangs for coming up with the term heavy metal. I mean, Bangs … what a fitting name for rock and roll. You can’t make this stuff up.

Why do they call it hair metal?

Anyway, hair metal is basically heavy metal with more upbeat lyrical content (getting chicks versus agony, pain and destruction), more overdrive than distortion (think Boss SD-1 instead of Metal Zone), and dollop upon dollop of mascara, foundation, and hair spray. Aquanet FTW!

Huge riffs, pop choral hooks, and lyrics to entice the ladies, hair metal was a genre of pure, unadulterated (but adultery), unabashed, hedonistic fun. Gronk was born just a bit too late …

Excess and leather, teased hair and pouty faces, bands like Poison and Hanoi Rocks really skirted the androgyny. To quote the wise prophet, Butthead, “These chicks look like guys” - speaking about the Nelson brothers of the eponymously self-titled band, Nelson.

He’s not wrong.

Nelson After the Rain video (youtube) - no thumbnail

Which bands were hair metal and which bands were not?

Bands like Aerosmith were not considered hair metal. They leaned on some elements of the genre (subgenre?), but ultimately remained entrenched in the classic rock realm. But if we were calling a dude a lady, Steven Tyler fit the bill.

Bands like Poison? 100% pure, (Colombian?) hair metal. Pardon the Medellin/Pablo Escobar/Power Flour pun.

Poison checked all the hair metal boxes. Eyeliner? Mascara? Look What The Cat Dragged In. Power balladry? Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Songs about good times? Nuthin’ But A Good Time.

To be fair, Poison’s band members had super awesome names: Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Rikki Rockett (two T’s), and Bobby Dall (pronounced Doll).

Somewhere between Aerosmith and Poison lies 100+ bands who may or may not deserve the victorious or vilified moniker of being ‘hair metal’.

Five bands that come to mind are Van Halen, Guns’n’Roses, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Pantera. Yes, that very same Pantera.

Why? For various reasons, these bands, mostly due to quality songwriting, don’t always get lumped into the hair metal genre.

Was there a hair metal “sound”

The sound of the Sunset Strip. That is probably the best way to define it. Hair metal came a long way from the freebird guitar solo. Dive bombs, pinch harmonics, the finger tapping of a young Eddie Van Halen, needless to say, hair metal was guitar aerobics on crack, maybe quite literally.

Despite not being my favorite band, Mötley Crüe did it best. Babes. Beers. Blow. Bitchin’ tunes. Badder than Black Sabbath tunes. Brief dalliances with death (Nikki Sixx).

Sixx, Mars, Neil, and Lee rocked the hardest. Motley Crüe was hair metal’s personification of the power of a hurricane drinking a case of Strohs, and then driving matching Maserati’s down Sunset at 100mph while staring at the babes riding shotgun.

The sound of the Crüe

So, The Crüe’s sound is the sound of hair metal. Jovi was too pop. Def Leppard too synth. G’n’R too blues/dirt. Poison too prom-datey. Van Halen too disparate (Diamond Dave vs. Hagar). Skid Row too harsh on their second album (Slave to the Grind).

They talked the talk, walked the walk, drank the drinks, banged the babes, and snorted the snorts.

Don’t believe me? Check out the album titles:

Or as I call it … Ladies, Bad assery, More bad assery, Ladies, Drugs, How bad ass we are, F you, I kick ass, and we kick more ass than anyone in a city that kicks ass.

They put Tommy Lee in a drum riser above the crowd in an arena. That is the most bad ass, in concert thing you could do. I mean, dude rolls out in a man thong. Not only that, they had blonde bombshells rolling the backing vox.


A decade of decadence: the life and death of hair metal

If we are to use Mötley Crüe as the basis for the sound of hair metal, than we should use their formation as the official start of the (sub)genre. Conversely, I feel safe in using the release of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit as the date of death. Hair metal’s tombstone would look a bit like this:

Born: January 17, 1981

Died: September 10, 1991 (official release, two weeks after radio release)

And to be honest, these timelines work. All of your favorite hair metal albums came out within these dates. Appetite for Destruction, Hysteria, Slippery When Wet, Dr. Feelgood, and Open Up and Say … Ahh! just to name a few.

Those five albums alone have crushingly good tunes, some of the best 80s hair bands had to offer. Welcome to the Jungle. Pour Some Sugar On Me. You Give Love a Bad Name. Kickstart My Heart. Nothin’ But A Good Time, and so, so much more. Glam metal satirists, turned originals like Steel Panther made an entire living by playing these songs while writing their own songs.

Hilariously enough, both Use Your Illusion I and II came out a week AFTER Teen Spirit, an astonishing thought.

When was hair metal’s pinnacle?

Hair metal had many, many triumphant moments. But, the pinnacle must have been July 27th-28th of 1987. Why? That is the exact midpoint of the release dates of Guns’n’Roses’ Appetite for Destruction and Def Leppard’s Hysteria. These two albums combined for 14 singles, 30 million albums sold in the United States alone, and THE best-selling debut album of all-time (Appetite for Destruction).

Even better, Appetite sold 30 million worldwide, while Hysteria sold 25 million. Think about that, two albums, 55 million plus albums. Stunning.

Everything leading up to that date was the righteous climb up. Everything after that point was the indecorous slide down.

MTV, Heavy Metal Mania, and Headbanger’s Ball, and WAAF Boston

MTV was the single greatest platform that the genre ever had. Beyond just showing the hair metal videos in rotation, it created Headbanger’s Ball, a follow-up to Dee Snider’s Heavy Metal Mania. Rabelaisian videos of scantily clad nubiles being gawked over by leather-studded bandmates were par for the course on Headbanger’s Ball, despite the verbal nod toward thrash and death metal.

Hair metal videos like Warrant’s Cherry Pie (Cherry Pie), Danger Danger’s Bang Bang (Danger Danger), and White Lion’s Wait (Pride) were all over the airwaves. Perhaps the most kick ass video of them all, not “the best hair metal video”, but most kick ass video was Skid Row’s 18 and Life (Skid Row), a story about Ricky doing hard time for squeezin’ off a few rounds.

Led by Riki Rachtman, Kevin Seal, Adam Curry, and a slew of others, Headbanger’s Ball was a weekly wardrobe walkthrough to Metal Narnia. Slaughter, Trixter, and Tesla all found a way to make appearances.

107.3 FM WAAF Boston was where I consumed the majority of my hair metal bands via radio. The only station that really rocked did a great job during the “Crank It Up”, “Non Stop Rock”, and “Untamed Radio” eras of playing unabashedly glam metal hits.

Movie montage hair metal in soundtracks

Movie soundtracks were opportunities for recording labels to test the viability of singers going solo. Young Guns II let Jon Bon Jovi release Blaze of Glory and The Iron Eagle Soundtrack (1986) showcased Mr. Big’s Eric Martin twice - These are the Good Times and Eyes of the World.

Better still, 80s movie soundtracks played out like tennis doubles champions, boasting songs you love by bands that couldn’t hack it solo on the court. For instance, Survivor, known for Eye of the Tiger, is all over the Rocky IV Soundtrack (1985) with Burning Heart, Eye of the Tiger, and Man Against the World. And, layered over triumphant scenes of Decepticons perishing at the hand of Optimus Prime, is Stan Bush’s The Touch and Dare, from the Transformers The Movie Soundtrack (1986).

Hair metal today

So where does that leave us? Not completely cut off. With 80s throwbacks, The Darkness and Steel Panther, the show goes on. Not to mention now-defunct (20) man-band, Bang Camaro (the greatest show on earth).

For now, Pants and I will just have to put I Believe In A Thing Called Love on repeat and wait for the annual 80s Day at Loon Mountain to teleport back to 1987.

Cause it sure as hell ain’t gonna be The Outfield’s Tony Lewis who brings us back.

He followed us on Twitter and then unfollowed us once we followed him. We aren’t bitter …

Hair Metal Bands

98 Hair Metal Bands, their albums, and a hit song of theirs, just for you. Consume at will. Learn a thing or two. If you disagree with anyone listed, or you wanna talk hair metal shop, let us know.

We have intentionally left Ozzy Osbourne and Queensrÿche off the list for being heavier metal.


Canadian rock group led by Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi. Other members included Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Mike Derosier, formerly of Heart.


The hit: More Than Words Can Say

Lots of power ballad’ing going on at six o’clock in the morning.

Alice N’ Chains

The precursor to Seattle grunge band, Alice In Chains. Alice N’ Chains, and most notably, Layne Staley, were glam/hair metal before they went dirt.


The hit: …

Was there one? They had two demos, with 3 and 6 songs each, respectively.


9 albums, 1 hit. That hit is better than most bands with more “hits”. Still, 9 albums is impressive.


The hit: Turn up the Radio

Solidly bitchin’ tune. Pretty self-explanatory what you need to do with it.

Babylon A.D.

Hair metal from The Bay Area, Babylon A.D. had a few worthwhile songs.


The hit: Bang Go The Bells

Derek Davis sounds a ton like Jeff Keith of Tesla.

Bad Company

Do they belong here? Don’t they …

I mean, some of their stuff? No, absolutely not.

But other songs … I don’t know, this is a tough one.


The hit: No Smoke Without a Fire

Total hair metal tune.

Bad English

John Waite, some boys from Journey, and a few other guys. What could go wrong? Nothing.


The hit: When I See You Smile

When Diane Warren calls, you say yes.


Steve Vai (Guitar God) put together this quartet of glam rockin’ teenagers. One album, one single, and one (?) tour with Damn Yankees.


The hit: Nineteen


Some glam, some blues, some hard rock


The hit: Dreams in the Dark

Bang Tango

What a name.


The hit: Someone Like You

Barren Cross

Christian glam metal … sounds like something Pants would like


The hit: Imaginary Music

Nah, hair metal was real. All of it.

Beggars & Thieves

So hard to believe … Beggars & Thieves rolled out the Triple Name in Band/Album/Song.

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.


The hit: Beggars & Thieves

An almost power ballad.


Theatrical, heavy, glam(ish), female-fronted, and quite the name … you tell them, Betsy!


The hit: Turn You Inside Out

Somewhere between Pat Benatar, Dream Theater, and Europe.

Black ‘n Blue


The hit: Hold On To 18

Standard hair metal. Power chord chugging. Not knowing how to get what they want. Shreddy fills.


Total 80s hair metal move to go from The Dirty Blondes to Blonz, with a z.


The hit: Bright Lights, Big City

Definitely a hair metal intro with gang vocal chorus.


Back, with more Christian metal. More metal than hair.


The hit: Crucify

Wow. That’s something.

Blue Murder

Hey, John Sykes! Former Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy guitarist puts together a metal band.


The hit: Jelly Roll

Was … uhh … was it a hit? I’m not sure. Got a 12 string in the video though, so that’s bad ass.

Bon Jovi

2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Bon Jovi, released some of the very best hair metal tunes of all time, including You Give Love a Bad Name and Livin’ on a Prayer.

They had the identity, they had the look, they had outrageous talent, and they crushed it.

The Discography

The hit: Livin’ on a Prayer

Just a phenomenal song.


Son of the legend, Jason Bonham puts together a crew for rockin’.


The hit: Wait for You

Is that Robert Plant on vox? Sounds it.


Oh look at that, back to Christian metal.


The hit: Troubled Times

Maybe? I have no idea who these guys are. But that is a mighty wail, so I’m giving it to Troubled Times.

Brighton Rock

Much like your Canadian girlfriend, the band was born in Niagara Falls


The hit: We Came to Rock

I think? Either way, SLOW MO stick flips in the video. SUPER tough looks from the band. And they say Canadians are a good type of folk. I’m scared of the bad boys from Brighton Rock.

That’s some harsh keyboard playin’, fella!

Britny Fox

Who says Philly doesn’t rock … they had Rocky.


The hit: Long Way to Love

Yeah. I mean, Yeah.


Strong band name. Solid tunes.


The hit: Smooth Up In Ya

What. A. Title. To. A. Song.

Really. Cmon, you were thinking it too.

Candy Harlots

Candy Harlots was Australian for Hair Metal.


The hit: Danger

Sure, let’s go with Danger.

Child’s Play

Baltimore … nothing says the Sunset Strip like Baltimore. How did they make it onto Headbanger’s Ball!?


The hit: Rat Race

A crappy version of Play With Me by Extreme!? I don’t know.


Philly, again! But better Philly, I think?!


The hit: Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

So whiney, it’s unreal. It’s also unreal cause it’s great.

Circus of Power


The hit: Motor

Sounds a bit like AC/DC Thunderstruck in the breakdown. Let’s, uhh, check the dates …


L.A. Guns, Vixen, Ratt, Shark Island, and Michael Schenker … need we say more!?


Contraband was essentially an excuse for some friends to get together and party … with some contraband.

The hit: Loud Guitars, Fast Cars, and Wild, Wild Livin’

Just because it was on the If Looks Could Kill soundtrack

Why do ladies of the 80s have to read band’s minds!?

Alice Cooper

I don’t know … should we include him? Sure?


The hit: Feed My Frankenstein

Guitar heros, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, appear out of nowhere to guest star on this track. Enough said.

Not to mention Wayne’s World.

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf sounds like a band from San Fran.


The hit: Back To You

Standard hair metal tune.

Cycle Sluts from Hell

Cause why not. I applaud them.


The hit: I Wish You Were a Beer

Not a bad thing to wish for.


Disneyland After Dark is a Danish glam band.

I wonder if they ever played the Peach Pit After Dark.


The hit: I Want What She’s Got

Quite the video. I imagine that is sorta what Disneyland is after dark.

Damn Yankees

American Hair Metal supergroup, with Tommy Shaw, Ted Nugent, Jack Blades, and Michael Cartellone.


The hit: High Enough

Coming of Age was a fun tune, but High Enough is the hit.

Danger Danger

Danger Danger is known for high high vocals, cheesy cheesy lyrics, and lots of fun fun.


The hit: Bang Bang

I love Bang Bang. It’s so bad and so amazingly awesome at the same time. Ted Poley rocks his trademark sleeveless blue denim jacket with black leather pants look.

Dangerous Toys

Not a bad name for a glam metal band.


The hit: Teas’n, Pleas’n

You can hear the Austin roots of Teas’n, Pleas’n … until Jason McMaster starts singing.

Def Leppard

One of the best to ever do it. In contention for best hair metal band ever. Just a magnificent band with righteous tunes.


The hit: Pour Some Sugar On Me

If we are only choosing one of the MANY Def Leppard hits, then I guess it’s Pour Some Sugar On Me. We could have easily gone with Photograph, Rock of Ages, Bringing on the Heartbreak, Hysteria, Animal, Rocket, Let’s Get Rocked … you get the point.

Dirty Looks

Dirty Looks has more ex-members than Bang Camaro, which is impressive.


The hit: Nobody Rides For Free

Hey, the video made it on to Headbanger’s Ball.

Bitchin’ hair metal tune though.


The lead singer sued Poison, so there’s that.


The hit: 777

Billy Squier meets Nelson. That is 777 in a nutshell.


Ahh, the infamous Dokken, the hair metal band eponymously named for lead singer, Don Dokken. Another band where tons of members subbed in and out over the years.


The hit: Alone Again

Righteously hair metal in all ways, from the lyrics, to the vocals, to the music video.

Easy Action

Good name for a band. Nice work, Sweden.


The hit: We Go Rocking

Yeah, this qualifies. Funny story, they sued Poison as well. Multiple bands sue Bret Michaels and crew, yet Poison is global and they are not.

This song is better than Poison’s I Want Action. So there’s that.

Electric Boys

Hurray for Sweden. They really dug their glam metal. Dope album names as well.


The hit: All Lips N’ Hips

Another tune that made it onto Headbanger’s Ball. Dope sitar intro.

I dig All Lips N’ Hips.

Enuff Z’Nuff

Chip Z’Nuff … it’s a real name.


The hit: The New Thing


Not to be confused with the continent, Europe is best known for The Final Countdown, a way overplayed anthem about … well, final countdowns.


The hit: The Final Countdown

Anthemic. Huge synth. Powerful chorus. Bitchin’ tune. Overplayed, but still great.

Plus, half a billion views on youtube. Pretty insane.

Every Mother’s Nightmare

Gotta hand it to Nashville’s Every Mother’s Nightmare for getting a few tunes on Headbanger’s Ball. Their band name is totally on-brand for hair metal, even if it was a bit too college rock band.


The hit: Love Can Make You Blind

Somewhere between Tesla’s The Way It Is and Collective Soul’s Shine.


Writers of Play With Me, the outrageous, and classicly inspired hair metal hit from the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack, Boston’s own, Extreme, were purveyors of the decadence dance.


The hit: More Than Words

313 million views on youtube should tell you everything you need to know. If all you heard from Extreme was More Than Words, you’d never understand how triumphant some of their work truly is/was.


Japan, coming in hot!


The hit: House of 1,000 Pleasures

House of 1,000 riffs!

Faster Pussycat

A few parts hair metal, a few parts glam punk, a dollop of sleaze … that’s Faster Pussycat for ya.


The hit: House of Pain

A pretty decent hair metal power ballad.


A portmanteau of founders, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Pete Way (though Way didn’t stick around), Fastway did it’s British Metal thing on hits like Say What You Will and All Fired Up.


The hit: Say What You Will

Brit metal and blues!

Femme Fatale

Originally from Albuquerque, they too joined the Sunset Strip scene. They even appeared on the License to Drive soundtrack, a “Two Coreys” flick.



The hit: Waiting For The Big One

Cause ladies should be allowed to be metal too. AMAZING choreography in the video.

She’s looking for a shocker, an all-night rocker!



The hit: Love of a Lifetime

Mega power ballad. Love of a Lifetime is not the best song on their debut self-title album, but it’s the most popular.

Lita Ford

One of the baddest babes in rock and roll of all time. Superb talent, legendary music, and epic rock stories, Lita Ford had it all.


The hit: Kiss Me Deadly

Everything a bodacious 80s rock song should be. Lita kicks all ass on Kiss Me Deadly.

Frehley’s Comet

Ace Frehley going solo.


The hit: Into The Night

Dudes rock hard into the night in the video, amongst other things.


Boring name for a band. Another hair metal band out of Nashville. I don’t think I realized that so many hair metal bands came from Nashville growing up. Country with distortion pedals really.


The hit: I’ll See You In My Dreams


Greg, pick a better band name than Giuffria. At least Jon Bongiovi had the good sense to change to Bon Jovi.


The hit: Call To The Heart

This song has all the makings of a song layered over an important scene for an Andrew McCarthy flick.

Gorky Park

The only reason I know of Gorky Park is that the Scorpions name dropped in the song of the same name.

Anyway, let’s thank Mother Russia for Gorky Park.


The hit: Try to Find Me

Here is Try to Find Me being performed at The Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989).


Switzerland getting in on the hair metal band action.


The hit: Hush

Hush. Shhh. Just enjoy.

Great White

Los Angeles blues rock and hair metal band, best known for a cover (Once Bitten, Twice Shy) and a nightclub fire (officially as Jack Russell’s Great White).


The hit: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Tame for hair metal.


More Christian rock!


The hit: Never Say Goodbye

Like a cover of a cover of a cover of a hair metal power ballad. There are luminary talents like Elton John and Billy Joel, and then there is Guardian, alone at the top of lyric mountain.

Guns N’ Roses

Of all of the hair metal bands, perhaps the least deserving of the title.

Sunset Strip legends. Pure and simple, like the illicit drugs they were doing.


The hit: Sweet Child o’ Mine

I hate, HATE to give it to Sweet Child o’ Mine, but it won an American Music Award. Not their best song, but, it is what it is.

712 million views on Youtube helps solidify that.

Sammy Hagar

The Red Rocker!


The hit: I Can’t Drive 55

Can anyone?


Weak name. Detroit Rock City could do better.


The hit: I Want Out

Probably a bit more metal than hair, but oh well.

Hanoi Rocks


The hit: Tragedy

Hanoi Rocks gives us Tragedy, which isn’t exactly hair metal, but it is close enough. The real tragedy was Vince Neil killing one of the Hanoi Rocks guys in a car wreck.


Neil Schon was all over the place. Crazy that he was part of Hardline.


The hit: Hot Cherie

A little bit prog, and I am ok with it.

Harem Scarem

Harem Scarem shouldn’t have a piano rock intro in their hit. For real.


The hit: Honestly

Honestly? I am not sure how they got Judge Reinhold to appear in the video. Crazy.

Heaven’s Edge

High vocals, shreddy solos … they had what it took to be on any list of hair metal bands, though they might have had a slightly harder edge. no pun.


The hit: Skin to Skin

Like they are a new mother … Skin to Skin!

Heavy Bones

Their metal, like their bones, was heavy.


The hit: 4:AM T.M.

Nothing bad about 4:AM T.M. and nothing memorable about it either. It’s just a song.


Hey kids, look, a band from the Iron Eagle Soundtrack.

Canada knows how to rock! Another band that has a thousand ex-members.


The hit: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin

more AC/DC riffs, please! more Diamond Dave riffs!

Hollywood Rose

Their music appears on G ‘N R Lies. Why?

Why do you think? It’s in the name!


The hit: Reckless Life

Holy Soldier

Christian rock! Huzzah!

Forgettable hair metal bands should just go away. That’s Holy Soldier.


The hit: See No Evil

Check the video for See No Evil, dudes just being tough in the desert.

[Honeymoon Suite]()

The final credits of One Crazy Summer. That’s how you (and I) know Honeymoon Suite.


The hit: What Does It Take

Duder plays a Steinberger in the video. That’s all you need to know.

That and the chorus is powerful.

I’m edging out Feel It Again because of One Crazy Summer. Sue me.

House of Lords

A Greg Giuffria vehicle.


The hit: I Wanna Be Loved

So many sounds of so many hair metal bands wrapped up in the intro of I Wanna Be Loved.


Glam and hair metal bands go hand in hand. Just like Hurricane and mediocrity.

Who are these guys?!


The hit: I’m On To You

Yup. Hair Metal. Whatever.



The hit: Night Of The Crime

The full album! Who knows WHAT?! their hit was. I don’t. You don’t.

So here is the full album.

It’s Alive

How many Swedish hair metal bands are there?!


The hit: Earthquake Visions

The full album! It’s Alive doing Earthquake Visions is worth a listen.

I think?


How many hair metal bands out of Kennesaw, Georgia? Not many? Yeah, sounds about right.


The hit: The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is a standard blues riff disguised as hair metal.

The chain solo though is money.


Lotta San Fran hair metal bands on this list.


The hit: Feel the Shake

Feel the Shake is musically AC/DC and vocally … I don’t know, pretty much every other band.

Johnny Crash

Glam sleaze rock at it’s second best (behind AC/DC).


The hit: Hey Kid

Gang vocals … Hey Kid! That’s about the best part of this track off Neighbourhood Threat.

Judas Priest

The one and only. That said, running a bit loose by slotting Judas Priest into a list of hair metal bands.

But hey, why not.


The hit: Breaking The Law


LA band and compared to Guns N’ Roses. Fairly common for the time.

All The Time in the World wasn’t too shabby.


The hit: Simple Man

Piano, slide guitar, not total sleaze.


Fun fact, Marc Ferrari, guitar player for Keel, went on to be Cassandra’s guitar player in Crucial Taunt, the fictional band in Wayne’s World.

Fun fact two, Keel covers oft-covered Because the Night, a song written by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith. You should also check out The Protomen’s version.


The hit: The Right to Rock

Kick Axe

Saskatchewan’s finest hair metal band? Maybe.

They even got themselves onto the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack, appearing as Spectre General.


The hit: On the Road to Rock

WHAT an intro! Next Kick Axe storms the halls of Degrassi. Then the leader singer throws down some stylin’ parkour moves. Can’t make this up.

Kik Tracee

They found a way to get on Headbanger’s Ball, so let’s give them that. Plus No Rules made it onto Rolling Stone’s 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time list.


The hit: You’re So Strange

It’s as if Stephen Shareaux was the child of Geoff Tate, Kip Winger, Axl Rose, and Royston Langdon.

Killer Dwarfs

Hey, if Stix (Steel Panther) is vouching for ya, you must have done something right.


The hit: Dirty Weapons

Just going with it and choosing Dirty Weapons.

[King Kobra]()

Singer’s of the theme song to Iron Eagle. And, like most other hair metal bands, from LA.


The hit: Hunger

Written by members of Kick Axe, recorded by King Kobra, then recorded again by Spectre General (Kick Axe) for Transformers, Hunger has quite a life.

Kingdom Come

Some say they sounded exactly like Led Zeppelin. And they did. No more or less than Greta Van Fleet.


The hit: What Love Can Be

Glam metal goes sultry with the erotic power ballad What Love Can Be. Who knew!?

And is that Paula Abdul in the video? I can’t tell.


Sure, let’s toss them in here.


Too many albums - check out the entire Kiss Discography

The hit: Lick It Up

Just rolling the dice and using 1983’s Lick It Up.


Not much to say, Kix was a band, they had some songs, had enough gumption to make a hit. Kudos.


The hit: Don’t Close Your Eyes

Perhaps the most annoying vocals in a power ballad ever. Don’t Close Your Eyes is definitely “the hit” for Kix.

This song doubles as a GI Joe style anti-suicide PSA. Yo Joe!


Krokus is the answer every time we don’t know the actual answer in the Hair Nation Game.


The hit: Screaming In The Night

Bitchin’ tune.

L.A. Guns

A history intertwined with Guns N’ Roses.


The hit: The Ballad of Jayne

Loved this tune growing up. The Ballad of Jayne might be one of the most simple songs ever created in the entire genre.

Plus, the acoustic bass in the video is so harsh.


More Swedish Metal. More Christian Metal. More Swedish Christian Metal.

Sure, let’s include Leviticus.


The hit: I Shall Conquer (entire album)

Cause why not. The vox actually sound a bit 90s in places.

Lillian Axe

Tons of lineup and sound changes. But the early days of Lillian Axe would label them squarely in the genre.


The hit: True Believer

Oh, no doubt here. True Believer was such a righteous tune.


Transformers soundtrack. The Wraith Soundtrack. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter soundtrack. And only two studio albums (plus one EP).


The hit: Power Love

The real hit is the theme song to Transformers: The Movie. But let’s use Power Love instead.

Little Caesar

Nothing like being better known for having your singer be the biker that gets thrown through the window in the bar in Terminator 2.


The hit: In Your Arms

Pedestrian lyrics.

Lizzy Borden

So much glam.


The hit: Me Against the World


Another band that had a bunch of people before they got famous elsewhere, including Nikki Sixx and Izzy Stradlin.


The hit: Ride Through The Night (as D’Priest)

Headbanger’s Ball! Nice work.

Lord Tracy

Lord Tracy didn’t take themselves too seriously. And the public didn’t either.


The hit: Out With The Boys

Out With The Boys feels more Jeff Healey Double Deuce blues Roadhouse than hair metal.

Absolutely bitchin’ bass solo!


Japanese metal!


The hit: Crazy Nights

Crazy nights … it is exactly that.


I’m not sure whether I love or hate Love/Hate.


The hit: Blackout In The Red Room

Just what the hell is this?!

Lynch Mob

Of COURSE you would call your band Lynch Mob when you have a last name like (George) Lynch.


The hit: Wicked Sensation

Madam X

A co-ed hair metal band (2 guys 2 girls). They didn’t make too many of those. Madam X is probably best remembered for being a stepping stone for the Petrucci sisters and Sebastian Bach, joining Vixen and Skid Row respectively.


The hit: We Reserve The Right To Rock

Hilarious video. Fun solo. Total power move by the band to end the We Reserve The Right To Rock video.


Members of tier 4 hair metal bands, Shout and House of Lords, made up Magdallan, who later changed their name to Magdalen and released a few more albums.

I’m sure they are good people, but whatever, who cares about Magdallan other than their mothers.


The hit: Big Bang (Full Album)

Some strongly paced drumming and some screechy vocals. Ok, it’s growing on me. Here is the whole Big Bang Album for ya.

Consume that Christian Metal!

Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe, the lead singer of Hanoi Rocks went solo! He even plays saxophone. Such a talent.

Probably wouldn’t have happened without drummer Razzle dying in a car wreck with Vince Neil.


The hit: Dead, Jail Or Rock’N’Roll

Dead, Jail Or Rock’N’Roll is a pretty bitchin’ tune. Check it out.

Mötley Crüe

So much can (and has) been said about Mötley Crüe. They are THE hair metal band of all hair metal bands.

They walked the walk and talked the talk. 100 million records sold, arrests, drugs, near death experiences. They did it all.


The hit: Kickstart My Heart

You could take your pick, they had a ton of hits. But perhaps none so fun and kick ass as Kickstart My Heart.


Sammy Hagar was once in Montrose. That said, their glam metal days featured Johnny Edwards, Ronnie Montrose, Gleen Letsch, and James Kottak.


The hit: Pass It On

No idea here. Not sure what their hit was on Mean, but Montrose was winding down in the 80s.

Mr. Big

Mr. Big was an all-star team of performers. The late Pat Torpey played with Robert Plant, Montrose, The Knack, and more. Eric Martin had exceptional pipes. Billy Sheehan has sat in with Steve Vai and David Lee Roth. And, Paul Gilbert is one of the most heroic of all guitar heros.

And yet they are known for an acoustic ballad (not even a power ballad).


The hit: To Be With You

Nasty Idols

Winners of the greatest album title of all time, Gigolos on Parole, Nasty Idols were Swedish glam metal


The hit: Cool Way Of Living

Would be cooler if it was the Cool Ranch Way Of Living, cause Cool Ranch Doritos are dope, but Cool Way Of Living works.

Vince Neil

Paging Mr. Wharton! Vincent Neil Wharton!


The hit: You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)

Straight from the Encino Man soundtrack, You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) is righteously excellent. Pauly Shore even appears in the video.


Whoa whoa whoa, stop the record. THEY wrote Two Heads are Better than One from the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack with Dweezil Zappa?!

The list of outrageous Nelson facts include:


Additionally, the infinitely quotable, Butt-Head, said, “These chicks look like guys!”

And they do. They absolutely do.


The hit: (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection

Oh my gosh, you need to watch the Love and Affection video. Beavis and Butt-Head weren’t lying. All in all a catchy pop metal tune.

Actually, not much metal to be found here. Just cowboy boots and white leather.

Night Ranger

If a Michael J. Fox movie (Secret of My Success) calls and says we need a song, you say YES!


The hit: Sister Christian


Night Ranger revels in power balladry with the hit, Sister Christian, a song written by drummer, Kelly Keagy, about his sister.


SOLID gold in the name department. Instead of excessive Aquanet, they had excessive talent. Lead singer, Jim Gillette, could hit incredibly high vocal notes.

Nitro rocked.


The hit: Freight Train

The quad guitar. More than the shredding solo, the air raid vocals, the punishing rhythm section, is Batio’s quad guitar.

Freight Train is an absolutely righteous song.


Glam metal until they weren’t, starting with Cowboys from Hell.


The hit: All Over Tonight

They rock as hard as the Pantera you know, they just look and act a bit different in the All Over Tonight video.


Bret, C.C., Rikki, and Bobby are OG Glam gangstas. And, if you are ranking hair metal bands, you need to include Poison near the top of the list.


The hit: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Legendary enough to be quoted in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Every Rose Has Its Thorn power balladry at its finest.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Of COURSE Pretty Boy Floyd would be from Hollywood, CA.


The hit: I Wanna Be With You

Nothing original to see here. Just your run of the mill glam metal song.

Pretty Maids

These Danish fellas were not exactly Pretty Maids. Tons of ex-members, touring members, guests on records, with only two original members of the band.


The hit: Future World

I don’t know enough about the Pretty Maids, so I picked out of a hat. Future World sounds pretty decent.

Quiet Riot

Phenomenal band name. A major hit in the 80s with Cum On Feel the Noize. Put out tons of albums.


Skipping Quiet Riot and Quiet Riot II as they were Japan releases.

The hit: Cum On Feel the Noize

Quiet Riot didn’t exactly put the “quiet” in the riot, with mega hair metal hit, Cum On Feel the Noize.

The Quireboys

Tramps and Thieves they were, The Quireboys that is. Nothing too outstanding, otherwise you would have heard of them.


The hit: Hey You

Slide guitar in hair metal is rare. Hey You gives The Quireboys a glam Black Crowes feel.


Hair metal bands like Ratt had a bit more dirt and grit to both their sound and image. They too partook of the glory of hosting Ms. Tawny Kitaen in their music videos, an A+ move.


The hit: Round and Round

Round and Round is a crushingly good tune.


Norweigan metal > Norweigan wood. Just saying.


The hit: Bye Bye Johnny

Keytar! All in all, Bye Bye Johnny is a decent cut of off 1988’s Attitudes.

Rock City Angels

You would only remember the Rock City Angels for having Johnny Depp on rhythm guitar before his hollywood star rose.


The hit: Deep Inside My Heart

A sleaze rock glam blues song.

David Lee Roth

The consummate frontman. Diamond Dave is everything you want as the frontman of a hair metal band, lacking only exceptional vocal power.


The hit: Just Like Paradise

Because Just Like Paradise is more fun than California Girls and Just a Gigolo. Diamond Dave slays on Just Like Paradise. Well, he and guitar god Steve Vai.

Not many people can replace EVH … but Steve Vai can.

Rough Cutt

Another band where its members went on to greater fame elsewhere, including Jake E. Lee.


The hit: Piece of My Heart

Like a Billy Madison birthday party, Rough Cutt covers Joplin’s Piece of My Heart with all of the drama, bravado, deep camera stares, and power chords that Janis left out.

Roxx Gang

St. Petersburg, Florida’s own, Roxx Gang. These guys are definitely the type to spend more time at Club Lust than the Mandarin Hide.


The hit: No Easy Way Out

Average tune. The video was straight ouf of the glam template, babes, leather, eyeliner, etc.

Saigon Kick

Back to back Floridian metal.


The hit: Love is on the Way

Love is on the way has a Dream Theater feel to the verse, before a glam gang vocal chorus.

Sea Hags

Sleaze glam at its best, if it had a best.


The hit: Half The Way Valley

Dirty hair metal, as evidenced by the smoke machines in the junkyard.

Shark Island

Members of the prestigous Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Soundtrack club AND the Point Break soundtrack.


The hit: Paris Calling

Richard Black throws the first shocker ever at the beginning of the Paris Calling music video.

Shotgun Messiah

Shotgun Messiah is a bad ass name for a band. Stixx Galore is an amazing name for a drummer.

Swedish sleaze glam is where it’s at. That and Heartbreak Blvd.


The hit: Heartbreak Blvd.

Heartbreak Blvd. conjures the spirit of the Sunset Strip.


A Ken Tamplin vehicle to evangelize his west coast Christian glam metal to the masses.


The hit: Shout

It’s got the riff, the harmonizing, the vocals, and the song structure.

Not sure why Shout wasn’t more famous.

Skid Row

Sebastian Bach, Dave “The Snake” Sabo, Rachel Bolan (a dude), Scotti Hill, and Rob Affuso made excellence on their self-titled debut album.

Youth Gone Wild and 18 and Life were the epithome of bad ass in a world filled with fluffy, teased, pretty boy hair metal bands.


The hit: I Remember You

Amazing that I Remember You is the major hit. They were so harsh and bad ass. Slave to the Grind was even more harsh and bad ass.


Along with Winger, members of the Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack club.

Slaughter is/was a reformation of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, sans Vinnie Vincent.


The hit: Fly to the Angels

Mark Slaughter vocally lifts to some altitude on Fly to the Angels.

Sleeze Beez

Sleeze Beez are from the Netherlands! Yes!


The hit: Stranger Than Paradise

Power chord chugging verses and a power vocal belting chorus. Stranger Than Paradise rocks.

Love the nylon strung classical guitar pre-solo solo, into the shredding solo.


The first incarnation of Alice N’ Chains.


Played mostly cover songs.

The hit: None

Slik Toxik

Sure, you could argue Slik Toxik shouldn’t be included in a list of hair metal bands because their two albums came out in 1992 and 1994, but, they were Canadian and Canada is a few years behind.


The hit: White Lies/Black Truth

The right look, the right sound, White Lies/Black Truth is lighter fare hair metal.

Smashed Gladys

Sally Cato led Smashed Gladys on the mic, with Bart Lewis, J.D. Malo, and Matt Stelluto on drums. They even convinced Ozzy to do some backing vocals on a song. Impressive.


The hit: Legs Up

Time, Bottoms, and Legs … all things that can be up.

Legs Up off of Social Intercourse has got plenty of attitude.

Sons of Angels

More Norweigan metal. Cowgirl made it onto Headbanger’s Ball. So there’s that.


The hit: Cowgirl

Wow … Just a masterclass in song titling, if you’re a hair metal band.


No doubters on a list of hair metal bands … sayyyy the Top 200. SouthGang was a lesser Warrant, Poison, Trixter mix.


The hit: Tainted Angel

Tainted Angel is definitively a hair metal tune. Gang vocals, glam riff, leather, denim, probably a stick twirl or two in the video.

[Spinal Tap]()


The hit:

Spread Eagle

A New York/Boston mashup of a band. Spread Eagle is just like a bunch of other failed hair metal bands. At least they tried.


The hit: Switchblade Serenade

Switchblade Serenade isn’t bad by any means, just feels creatively licensed from Sebastian and the boys from Skid Row.

Stage Dolls

Norway had more hair metal bands than you and I remember.


The hit: Love Don’t Bother Me

Amazingly enough, Kate Moss appears in the Love Don’t Bother Me music video.


Not to be confused with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Steeler consisted on Ron Keel (Keel) and guitar superhero Yngwie Malmsteen, Mark Edwards, Rik Fox (not ex-NBA), Bobby Eva, Tim Morrison, and a host of others.


The hit: Cold Day in Hell

Standard shreddy guitar parts, falsetto, and power chorus lines … it’s a COLD DAY IN HELL!!!


Hailing from the very first flyover state, Norwalk, CT’s own, Steelheart, hits some unbelievable vocal notes across their catalog of work.

I mean, Miljenko Matijevic could really belt it out.


The hit: I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)

SUPER high vocals on Steelheart’s 1990 hit, I’ll Never Let You Go. Just an amazing final note.

That’s what I remember most, and you should too.


More Christian metal from Austin, TX.


The hit: Rock On

Rock On … actually has a little bit of a Justin Hawkins / The Darkness thing happening.


Even more Christian metal, now from the O.C.

I didn’t listen to Stryper then, not going to start now.


The hit: Always There For You

Hair metal dedicated to the Christian message. You know, if that’s the case, why are they walking on an image of what looks like a hundred dollar bill in the Always There For You music video?


Takara is from Los Angeles and formed in 1987. And there ya go.


The hit: When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls has a good sound, so I’m picking it.


Evansville, Indiana Christian metal band, Tempest, wrote the same songs that every other Christian hair metal band out there.


The hit: Eye of the Storm

Actually, Eye of the Storm is not too bad.


Jeff Keith’s excellent, Steven Tyler inspired vocals really helped solidify Tesla’s place in hair metal history. Combine that with the tasty riffage of Skeoch and Hannon and you’ve got instant success.


The hit: Love Song

Another song where the band could shred, but they end up being known for the ballad.

The one problem with the Love Song music video is they cut Tesla’s amazing acoustic intro.


Could there be a more metal band name? No. Thunder is it.


The hit: Backstreet Symphony

I really dig this tune. Backstreet Symphony’s got a lot going for it.


Welsh hair metal!

Tigertailz weren’t ladies, they were Love Bomb Babies!


The hit: Love Bomb Baby

Wow! What an intro! Super huge gang vocal chorus. I love every party of Love Bomb Baby.



TNT! Stellar name for a band. Norway really reallllly loved their glam metal.


The hit: 10,000 Lovers (In One)

Just an amazing concept … 10,000 Lovers (In One)

Tora Tora

Because “Free Beer” was taken, the guys in Tora Tora went with … uhhh … Tora Tora.


The hit: Wild America

Powerful intro. Wild America is rock club gold.


Treat had some songs that were a treat.

… Yeah.


The hit: World of Promises

Living in a World of Promises … and mountains of blow.


Funk glam metal from The Bay Area.


The hit: Zombies From Hell

If Faith No More was a hair metal band, it would be T-Ride.


Triumph, the rock of Canadia!

Canadian hair metal is always a treat. Especially when it calls back to the 70s like Triumph did/does.

Choirs, crowd chants, synths, keyboards, gang vocals, all used to effect for Triumph.

Even Sebastian Bach did a stint in Triumph.


The hit: Lay It On The Line

Lay It On The Line lays down 70s hair metal.


Paramus, New Jersey’s own, Trixter. Trixter brought flannel to glam metal, making it not as glam. Or as metal.

Steve Brown was a bad ass though.

Rumor had it that Trixter appears on the Richard Greico opus, If Looks Could Kill.


The hit: Give It To Me Good

Hey hey baby! Always a good intro to a lady before demanding she “Give It To Me Good”.


These fellas definitely changed their sound over time. But, they were good enough to get on Headbanger’s Ball.


The hit: The Name is Love

The Name is Love is more punk hair metal than true glam.


Best known for rock ballad I Hate Kissing You Goodbye.

I think.


The hit: I Hate Kissing You Goodbye

Solid yacht rock intro. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye is sooooo Tuff.

Twisted Sister

Great name (Twisted Sister), good songs (I Wanna Rock), ass kickin’ frontman (Dee Snider).


The hit: We’re Not Gonna Take It

An 80s anthem if there ever was one. We’re Not Gonna Take It embodies the true spirit of rock and roll.

The music video even had Mark Metcalf, famous for many things, including being Mr. Beckersted in One Crazy Summer.

Ugly Kid Joe

Sporting original hits like Neighbor and Everything About You, and a near chart topping version of Cats in the Cradle, Ugly Kid Joe gained a fair share of popularity in the early 90s.

Perhaps they don’t belong here. They looked grunge, they sounded a bit more grunge, but they opened for plenty of hair metal bands.

So they stay.


The hit: Everything About You

Ugly Kid Joe wrote the anti-hero of glam tunes in Everything About You. Instead of wanting to get in good with the ladies, they openly (and deeply) expressed their distaste of whomever the song was about. Presumably ladies.


Perhaps a little more heavy metal than glam, Vain still had all of the hair, bracelets, eyeliner, and crane kicks required of the (sub)genre.


The hit: Who’s Watching You

So many risers, so much scaffolding for the lights. Who’s Watching You is formulaic glam.

Van Halen

The kings of the sunset strip. Van Halen isn’t reallllly a hair metal band, but whatever, they fit the genre they pretty much created.

Whether it was Diamond Dave or Sammy Hagar, this band tore apart clubs and arenas with their Jack Daniels fueled stage show.

Plus, they had excellent album covers.


The hit: Jump

Whhhhhoooooooooooooaaaaa! Jump is fun. Jump is a blast. Jump is a damn good time.

They have so many hits that the band’s midpoint just felt right.


Perhaps a bit more Iron Maiden than any hair metal band should be. Italy needed some representation though.



The hit: Run Too Fast

Shredding nicely here. Even some keyboard shredding.


Vandal probably rocked. Probably.


The hit: Whole Lotta Love (live)

Only video I could find.


A Adrian Vandenberg vehicle.


The hit: Burning Heart

This burning heart of mine!!! Weak verse (lyrically) into a halfway decent chorus.

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Vinnie Vincent and a crew of all-stars teamed up for invade the Sunset Strip.


The hit: Boyz Are Gonna Rock

Tons of hair, tons of tapping, tons of power chords, tons of intensity, and teasingly fun vocal riffage by Robert Fleischman.


These chicks actually look like chicks, cause they are chicks, unlike Nelson.

Edge of a Broken Heart and How Much Love were bad ass tunes.


The hit: Edge of a Broken Heart

Just good ol’ rock and roll. Vixen wrote a bitchin’ tune in Edge of a Broken Heart.

War Babies

Seattle, right before the big grunge takeover. War Babies does display some grunge tendencies.


The hit: Hang Me Up

A bit more grit than your typical glam song.


Let’s give it up for Germany for getting on the act. Warlock went on tour with harder acts like Judas Priest, Dio, and Megadeth. But shows with Def Leppard, Scorpions, and Bon Jovi pulled them a bit more toward the middle.


The hit: All We Are

Pretty strong rock vibe. All We Are has a confusing chorus though, it requires some mental punctuation.


Warrant had 5-6 solid hits, including the power ballad Heaven, the nuanced blues heavy Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the arena rock anthem, Cherry Pie.


The hit: Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is everything you want it to be and more.


W.A.S.P. went for it and made a whole career.


The hit: Wild Child

Desert toughness! Wild Child is W.A.S.P. and W.A.S.P. is a wild child.


Whitecross should be left in the past.


Who cares … not even going to list it.

The hit: In The Kingdom

This song sucks.


Whitesnake possesses perhaps the most powerful of all power ballads … Here I Go Again.


The hit: Here I Go Again

Tawny. Kitaen.

White Lion

Vitto Bratta was a bad ass. White Lion had some crankin’ tunes too.


The hit: When The Children Cry

All in all a pretty good ballad. When The Children Cry got them some notoriety.

White Tiger

“Let’s be Whitesnake!” Taken

“Let’s be White Lion!” Taken

“Ok, any other White animals left?!”

White Tiger


The hit: Rock Warriors

White Tiger can’t speak for the other guy, but they themselves are Rock Warriors.


Wildside recorded at Van Halen’s 5150 studios. Kinda cool.


The hit: Hang On Lucy

Hang On Lucy made it onto Headbanger’s Ball. Rad.

Interesting, the vocals don’t start until after a minute into the song.


Kip Winger took a lot of flak, but I’m not totally sure why. The band could play.


The hit: Seventeen

Seventeen is quite a tune. Quite a music video too. Quite a lot of things … lyrically.


Wrathchild is total glam.


The hit: Stakk Attakk

Stakk Attakk, Zack Attack.


France gets repped in XYZ, before their move to LA.

Fun fact, Don Dokken was their producer.


The hit: Inside Out

Inside Out is a song any hair metal band could have written, except maybe Guns N’ Roses.


Originally Yesterday and Today, then shortened to just Y&T.


The hit: Summertime Girls

Summertime Girls is a rollicking good time. There is even homage paid to 80s flick Splash in the video. Or, maybe just mermaids were cool then.

Besides, who doesn’t love Summertime Girls!?

Love the bazooka, so 80s!

This song could easily have been in an Cusack movie in the 80s.


I think Zebra just wanted to be found at the bottom of our (future) list of hair metal bands.


The hit: Who’s Behind the Door

Got a happy Zeppelin intro. Who’s Behind the Door takes a long while to get going.