Rocky IV


Cranked the Rocky 4 Soundtrack to jolt everyone out of bed at a bachelor party in Tampa. Nothing says Time to start drinking like hearing Hearts On Fire turned up to 11 ... at 10am.

Rocky IV (Soundtrack): The very best 80s movie training montage music

Same goes for 80s Day morning as well

James Brown may be the most famous person to grace the Rocky 4 Soundtrack, but Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight aren’t too far behind. 80s Fight Movie frequenters Survivor and John Cafferty round out the album.

Oh, and the guy who did the music to the animated Transformers movie, Vince DiCola, does the instrumentals. Dude knows how to amp up a movie score.


I give the Rocky 4 Soundtrack a 9.510

You need this soundtrack in your collection. Legendary movie, excellent soundtrack. It’s so close to a 1010, and it very well is if you are accepting of overly cheesy lyrics, but The Sweetest Victory and Man Against the World hold the Rocky 4 Soundtrack back.

Track listing

  1. Burning Heart - Survivor
  2. Hearts On Fire - John Cafferty
  3. Double or Nothing - Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight
  4. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  5. War / Fanfare from Rocky - Vince DiCola
  6. Living In America - James Brown
  7. No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper
  8. One Way Street - Go West
  9. The Sweetest Victory - Touch
  10. Training Montage - Vince DiCola
  11. Man Against the World - Survivor

Rocky 4 Soundtrack notes

The Rocky 4 Soundtrack is so good that I feel you need another youtube video.

Burning Heart

Hefty start to the song and album. Thumping beat. Jimi Jameson nails “rising like a spire” with room to spare. The song just sounds tough.

Hearts On Fire

Interesting transition after the opening melody line. Cafferty drops another gem in Hearts On Fire (also On The Dark Side). The chorus is so outrageously “mmmerrika”. I mean, have you ever read the Hearts On Fire lyrics? So powerful. Tony Robbins level motivation stuff they are.

skip to the lyrics

Keyboard solo is pretty dope. Plays deceptively well into the key change. Speaking of which, key changes are an ABSOLUTE must for this echelon of training montage song. I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and not have you belt it out in the upper register.

I equally love the lazy hanging/floating chorus at 4:00. Well done, John Cafferty. Well done.

Double or Nothing

Two legends casually doing their thing. Loggins, and 80s soundtrack frequenter (Over the Top), is a national treasure. Gladys probably rolled this one in one take. Consummate professionals. I can’t tell whose voice I prefer, that is how phenomenal Kenny Loggins is.

Eye of the Tiger

The movie montage song of movie montages. Everything that has been said about this song has already been said.

I do miss the Starbucks commercial though. Glenn! Glenn Glenn Glenn!

Roy! Roy Roy Roy!

War / Fanfare from Rocky

A great instrumental track. Lots of badassery, culminating in the mega huge Rocky theme music at 5 minutes and 24 seconds.

Living In America

Performed live by the hardest working man in show biz, James Brown, Living In America welcomes Apollo Creed to the ring. As for the song, typical James Brown material. Jimbo shimmies out his trademark for 4 minutes and 43 seconds.

No Easy Way Out

In the running for most bad ass movie montage song ever. It would be the victor on any other album, except it squares off solely against Hearts On Fire and Eye of the Tiger. No joke, Robert Tepper still plays it today.

One Way Street (From the film “Rocky 4”)

The Kings of Wishful Thinking, Go West show up on this collection of movie montage all-timers. They definitely get all the funk that SisQó left out. Bass line is terrific.

The Sweetest Victory

Who is Touch? And, where did this song come from?!

Marq Torien. And, the middle of nowhere. This dude throttles up some super high vox in this tune. It has a very Journey feel to it, though it lacks the depth of a song like Separate Ways.

Fun fact: Marq Torien was not only the lead singer of the BulletBoys, but also the lead singer of King Kobra - the same King Kobra that does “Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)” from the Iron Eagle Soundtrack. However, I don’t believe Torien was the singer for that track.

Was Separate Ways by Journey in any of the Rocky movies?

No, Separate Ways was not. In fact, I don’t believe Journey if featured in any of the Rocky, or Creed for that matter, movies.

Training Montage

Total 80s movie music here by Vince DiCola. Suffice to say, he has a signature sound. See aforementioned Transformers soundtrack - another GREAT 80s soundtrack, very underrated.

Drum pads and layered synth - everything 80s montage music should be.

Man Against The World

Seriously? Survivor has 3 songs on the Rocky 4 soundtrack? Amazing.

Dramatic piano. Overly dramatic vocals. Survivor getting a third track on the Rocky 4 Soundtrack, kind of amazing if you think about it.

The lyrics remind me of the part in Baseketball where Joe “Coop” Cooper is driving and the words of the song are mirroring his actions. It’s that straightforward.

That being said, hearing this reminds me of DeflateGate. This should really be layered over some slow-mo footage of Goodell giving it to Brady, ending with him handing him the trophy. Someone make this happen.

Hearts on Fire lyrics

Silent darkness creeps into your soul

And removes the light of self-control

The cave that holds you captive has no doors

Burnin’ with determination

To even up the score

Hearts on fire

Strong desire

Rages deep within

Hearts on fire

Fever’s rising high

The moment of truth draws near

Time will not allow you to stand still, no

Silence breaks the heart and bends the will

And things that give deep passions are your sword

Rules and regulations have no meaning anymore

Hearts on fire

Strong desire

Rages deep within

Hearts on fire

Fever’s rising high

The moment of truth is here


Is here!

Aww yeah!

Hearts on fire

Strong desire

Rages deep within