2017 80s Day - The day Devo showed up at Loon Mountain

Bitchin’ tunes, blinding neon ski outfits, and Bud Heavy, what could be better than 80s day at Loon Mountain?

80s outfits, 80s tunes, and 80s characters at an 80s ski lodge

Add to the (apres ski) party the best 80s cover band in New England, Fast Times Boston, toss in a few hundred pairs of Ray Ban Aviators (with Croakies, of course), and witness Hulkamania running wild, brother! and what you end up with is the purest White Mountain entertainment - not an 80s euphemism for illegal narcotics.

Noles, Pants, and Fizz performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn at the 2018 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston
Noles, Pants, and Fizz rocking No Sleep Till Brooklyn with Fast Times Boston at the 2018 80s Day @ Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH - photo credit to @KapitolPhoto / @CROAKIES

Our annual 80s day recaps

2017 80s Day recap

Notes from the weekend:

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Clutch move of the weekend:

Huff, Pants, and Fizz as Devo at 2017 80s Day Loon
Hey Kids, it's Devo!

Being Devo

Wearing bright yellow Dupont Tychem Coveralls really stood out.  Nailed it as Devo.  In fact, with the right mask/helmet, we could have doubled as Marty McFly (Darth Vader, from the planet Vulcan) in Back to the Future.  Another strong costume idea.

Photos from 80s Weekend 2017

2017 3rd Annual Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure screening
Pants, Fizz, and Huff make the Devo costumes in The Village at Loon Mountain
Devo jamming out waiting for The Shuttle Connection to arrive
Devo and Weird Al. Where is Thomas Dolby?!
Fast Times Boston jamming in the Bud Light Concert Tent outside of The Bunyan Room
Pants, Fizz, and Huff (Devo) takes The Shuttle Connection to Loon Mountain
Huff and Woody from the 2016 80s Day
Pants and Fizz meet Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai dojo
2017 Hair Nation Game - Rocket Queen, it's for the band!