80s Day Loon Mountain 2016 - Axl, Slash, and the one-armed drummer from Def Leppard

Bitchin’ tunes, blinding neon ski outfits, and Bud Heavy, what could be better than 80s day at Loon Mountain?

80s outfits, 80s tunes, and 80s characters at an 80s ski lodge

Add to the (apres ski) party the best 80s cover band in New England, Fast Times Boston, toss in a few hundred pairs of Ray Ban Aviators (with Croakies, of course), and witness Hulkamania running wild, brother! and what you end up with is the purest White Mountain entertainment - not an 80s euphemism for illegal narcotics.

Noles, Pants, and Fizz performing No Sleep Till Brooklyn at the 2018 80s Day at Loon Mountain with Fast Times Boston
Noles, Pants, and Fizz rocking No Sleep Till Brooklyn with Fast Times Boston at the 2018 80s Day @ Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH - photo credit to @KapitolPhoto / @CROAKIES

Our annual 80s day recaps

2016 80s Day recap

80s Day Loon - Rick Allen of Def Leppard
No one had a better costume than Huff as Rick Allen (Def Leppard drummer)

Deep thought by Pants: This year included one of the biggest changes in modern debauchery since the advent of a 2 story beer bong (pic below). Previous years included a packed house inside the Bunyan room with a beer-in-hand wait time of approx 9.3 minutes, which is nearly triple the allotted time for livers to keep up the pace of our 80's booze-fueled predecessors. Luckily for us, they made the move to the Bud Light Concert Tent outside which allowed for an increase is elbow room, double-fistedness and less ball-sweat. Plus, there were increased site-lines to spandex clad royal babes ... just don't forget the aviators for decreased creepability.

Pants' two story beer bong "The Billy-bong"
"The Billy-bong"

Double deep thought by Fizz: I'm actually impressed that Maurice the Pants Man made a two story beer bong in college, he must have watched a ton of Home Improvement as a kid.

The real question is, did Sir Pants think of this plan whilst gassing down beers and checking out maidens with the other knights on the deck of the Deck House, or, was he inspired mid-aisle in the plumbing department in Home Depot or Lowes.

Like, hey, nice clear plastic tubing, I wonder if ... BAM!

Squire, fetch me clamps and a funnel, we need to knockout a beer bong!

Notes from the weekend:





Clutch move of the weekend:

80s Day Loon, slopeside apres ski party next to Seven Brothers
Def Leppard's Rick Allen (Huff) crushing beers

Photos from 80s Weekend 2016

The Loon Ski Condo in Deer Park
2nd Annual Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure screening on 80s weekend
The band (Axl, Slash, Jem, Rick Allen) posing for The Shuttle Connection at Deer Park Resort
The band riding The Shuttle Connection from Woodstock, NH to Loon Mtn
Fantastic view of Western Lincoln, NH, slopeside at Loon Mountain
Fizzette (Jem) and Pants (Axl) with a backdrop of The Bunyan Room at the ski lodge
Fast Times Boston rocking the Bud Light Concert Tent next to Seven Brothers
Rick Allen of Def Leppard